ANXRacers offers you the ultimate arcade spaceship racing experience where everything is about reaching the perfect racing time.
Optimize your turns, don't lose your speed, make epic space drifts and set World Records!

As a racing pilot, your goal is to get the spaceship from start to finish, in the least amount of time, while passing any checkpoints on the way in correct order.

Inspired by Trackmania® and Elite Dangerous®.



Game Features:

  • 100+ Tracks of various styles like Short, Long, Obstacled, Multi-Lap, Press Forward and Meme
  • 4+ types of spaceships offering finely tuned gameplay and racing experiences
  • Join hundreds of players online on the ANXRacers servers
  • Race with other players' ghosts in single player mode or with others players in realtime multiplayer
  • Official rankings for every track and spaceship
  • Create your own tracks and spaceships with the ANXRacers track-editor and shipyard
  • Easy to learn, needs only two inputs: Engine Power and Turn Thrusters
  • Flight-Assisted Deterministic Newtonian Physics
  • No Randomization, no interference from other racers. Everyone races on equal terms

Something for everyone:

  • Customizable controls: 7 different touch layouts, 5 gamepad layouts, keyboard and remote support
  • Advanced Track Editor with copy paste, multiselection, pivot functionality
  • Curated Spaceship Skins, submit your own designs (Limited Edition)
  • Host your own multiplayer servers. Coming Soon™
  • Game interface, to connect the game and control it from external applications
  • Open AI Gym integration
  • Speedrunning compatible


Since the game has a leaderboard, an in-game account is mandatory.
This is used for showing your name on the leaderboards.

Following accounts are supported

  • Unconnected: Needs a Username, Display Name and Password
  • Sign-in via Game Center: Only on Apple Devices
  • Sign-in via Steam: Needs Steam running, Also you should be owning the game in Steam
  • Sign-in via Epic Games: Needs Epic Games running, Also you should be owning the game in Epic Games
  • Sign-in via Discord: Needs Discord running and signed-in
  • Sign-in via Google Play Games: Only on Android Devices
  • Anonymous account: A display name will be chosen by us. You can take control of this account later, by contacting us*



  • W/S or Up/Down - Forward and Reverse Engines
  • A/D or Left/Right - Turn left/Turn right
  • Backspace - Reset To Start
  • Esc - Pause / End Race / Back


  • Thrust Buttons/Sliders - Forward and Reverse Engines
  • Turn Buttons/Sliders- Turn left/Turn Right
  • Joystick - Turn towards direction
  • Screen position of above controls is freely customizable


Download Links:

Since the game is still in early stages. Its available for low/free prices at below places: